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Welcome to The 100.  My collection of 100 word flash fiction stories. My goal is to write 100 (great) stories by 2019. I hope you enjoy each one.
pexels-photo-279470.jpegWelcome to Hope’s Corner. Check back in weekly for doses of motivational readings. We can all use a little encouragement from time to time. If you are experiencing mental distress please contact a healthcare professional. For entertainment purposes only.


Welcome to Smailmailings. There are many benefits of joining the Snail Mail Revolution. I started pen paling about a year ago. I was so excited to receive mail that wasn’t a bill or credit card offer. I now have 35 regular pen pals that I write to monthly. I have a few other pen pals that write less frequently. I enjoy reading about their lives and writing about mine. We often share gifts that are small enough to fit in the envelopes like stickers, tags, buttons or bookmarks. You never know what you might get or read about. Emails are quick, convenient and free but they don’t allow for much creativity or heart.  There are thousands of  stationary designs to choose from. You can also make your own stationary and add any embellishments that you want. The possibilities are endless. It is an excellent hobby to take up because it allows you to be introduced to new people and show your creative side.


Welcome to Monica’s Memories. Since we can’t all go on a trip together at the same time I thought we could take a few peeks at Monica’s marvelous travel scrapbook. Monica is a travel blogger and a photographer. Let’s see if she will let us borrow it.


Welcome to SSS. This happens all the time to you. You are walking alone during a cold night and come across a creepy decaying vacant building. There is a no trespassing sign. You pull out your phone to google no trespassing only to find out that your phone isn’t working. That’s weird. You are suddenly filled with curiosity. “I must jump this gate and search the grounds,” you state to no one.  A minute later your friends drive up in a fancy car, park and ask you what you are up to. Your ride or die friends are pretty bored and looking for a thrill.  They will explore the premises with you. Their only stipulation is that you go on in first. It may actually turn out to be a night to remember after all.


Welcome to Veronica’s Horoscope. She knows you well and dishes out great “advice” on fashion and life. Have an awesome 2018 and beyond! For entertainment purposes only.


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