Traveling Through the Wasteland

Seek help when needed as needed.

“Countless times, we had all been to the wasteland, but never met.”

abstract art artistic bend

I traveled through my own mind for days, weeks, months and years. I was searching for the better place. I was told that if I didn’t give up, eventually I would stumble upon it. It existed for everyone. After years of darkness, I wanted to stop looking. I couldn’t see clearly but I could perfectly hear the alarming sound of doors shutting loudly simultaneously. One door once lit by light was borderline blinding. A sign read “welcome to the better place.” “Finally,” I stated to the door as if it would understand. On the other side of the door was a wall to wall green and white wallpapered room. A naked green man meditated in an unnatural spot and position against a wall. He didn’t appear to notice me.

“Hello, I have been looking for the better place. The sign says that this is it.” I felt less relieved than I expected.

He turned his green head towards me but remained in his position. “Yes, hello. You are the owner of this mind, aren’t you? Nice to meet you. This is the better place but sadly you are not supposed to be here yet. Please exit and continue searching for the better place.”

“You just said that this is it. I’ve been searching for years now. I don’t understand.”

“Dear Nikki, you are still prisoner 0000001 of the wasteland. You haven’t been cleared yet for the better place.”

“This is a creative tale that you are making up. I’m no prisoner and I’ve never heard of any so-called wasteland.”

He held out his hand into midair and retrieved a long red floating sheet of paper. “Perfect timing. A list of your charges from the wasteland.”

“Ridiculous. I would know if I was a prisoner in a wasteland. This is my mind.”

The green man began to read. “Prisoner number 0000001. You are charged with years of wasting, wasting time, wasting energy, wasting talents, wasting opportunities, wasting truth and wasting currency.”

“Wasting currency? That doesn’t sound right.”

“You don’t deny the other charges? They sound about right to you, don’t they? Look, I’ll tell you what I tell the others. After you release yourself from the prison of the wasteland you will be able to access the better place. ”



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