Special Report: 10 Ideas for Surviving Christmas Alone

Seek help if needed, when needed.

I know what you are thinking. Alone? She doesn’t look like she’s alone. What about her wooden reindeer friend or foe? You can’t help but wonder what do they talk about. Do they share similar interests, worldviews or are they just stuck surviving the holidays together? What movie is this exactly? Could it be the famous reindeer outcast Rudolf? Tragically, we may never find out the answers to these questions.

Well…Alright let’s not over analyze this picture.  For most people, one would assume that the holiday season would be a time full of joy, surprise, family, friends, travel, overeating and anticipation. However, for many people it is a period of time that increases the existence or severity of depression, loneliness, financial strain, stress, grief and disappointment. For whatever reason, the White Christmas did not measure up to the expectations of glee, love and wonder.

These 10 listed ideas will focus on taking the boredom and loneliness out of being alone during the holidays.


Movie Time: Spend a few hours or days watching holiday movies. The hallmark channel plays holiday movies all month-long. You can also rent from the local library if you don’t have certain channels or other movie streaming services. The library will indeed have various religious and non religious focused Christmas movies if that’s what you prefer. If you desire a twist, you can view the scary holiday movies like Krampus, Black Christmas, Silent Night or Better Watch Out. If you are craving a controversial, potty mouthed laugh or two, you can try to watch all of South Park’s or Family Guy’s Christmas episodes.

12 Gifts: Merry Christmas to me. Buy 12 gifts for yourself, wrap them, gift bag them and place them under your tree. Do not open them until Christmas.

Write Letters: If you have pen pals send them your thoughts, a Christmas card and a small gift. If you don’t have mail buddies, join a Christmas gift exchange or start your own through a social media site. It is always fun to receive a special surprise in the mail.

Trippin: Plan a solo getaway for the holiday. Go to another state, country or stay in a different type of living space. If funds are low, go and stay in a nearby hotel. The point is to have something exciting to look forward to. Pack your dvd player or laptop and watch a holiday movie. Just leave your fake reindeer at home unless you like awkward stares from hotel staff.

Cookie Monster: Sugar, Please…After Halloween, Christmas is the best time to load up on sugar. Not that sugar overload is encouraged by NBM. 😉Philosophical Question: Bake or Buy? The stores will be stocked with seasonal items such as eggnog, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie (my fave) and gingerbread. Time to indulge in Santa’s only requested snack. Don’t forget to check out the cookie tray of m&m chocolate chip, pumpkin, sugar, apple and cranberry oatmeal raisin cookies. They are sure to keep you delighted until the pie is ready.

Christmas Heroine: You are in the gift buying mood but you have no one else to spoil. No problem, there’s a solution. You can give gifts of money, coats, food, or supplies to a charity, homeless shelter, pet shelter, a group home or a school. You can also volunteer your gift of time during a free community holiday meal or toy drive.

Crafty: Stay crafty my friends. You are in desperate need of an ugly sweater. Luckily, if you have the time and money you can own an ugly sweater designed by you. If it’s really hideous you can wear it at home to keep you warm under your snuggie if for nothing else.

Decorate: Yes, simply spend your time decorating your bedroom, living room, entire home or front yard with red and green lights, wreaths, eggs (opps wrong occasion), stockings and ornaments. The internet, books or store displays can supply you with holiday decorating inspiration and instructions.

Plan Ahead: Use this time to start planning for next year instead of focusing on the holiday. Write a New Year’s resolution strategy, crack open a new daily planner, organize your closet, plan your next vacation, tidy up your social media presence or finish that online class before the year’s end. Try not to drag this year’s to do list into the next year.

Don’t Sweat It: A holiday comes and goes. This too shall pass. Most likely in time, you will turn back into your usual self. You just need to survive through the day, week or month. In reality, you don’t have to do anything at all for any particular day or time of the year. If you feel like celebrating, do, if you don’t feel like celebrating, don’t. You have permission to feel what you feel. If you are choosing to be alone disregard the folks that will try to make you feel bad about how you want to spend your time. You are not obligated to carry on a tradition. Free will is one of the greatest gifts that we’ve been given. Please don’t try to return it. Keep it!

Hopefully these ideas will help you or someone else get through the holidays. If you don’t have any trouble during this time, that’s great. Perhaps, you got a giggle or two from this post, then it is a success. Please leave any thoughts below…




  1. Thanks for sharing this – it’s so important to remember that this time of year can be difficult for some. We’re not all fortunate enough to have family, or close friends, or maybe it’s just not feasible to fly home for the holidays! I have found that using Meetup.com was a good way to meet new people or get involved in social events when I move to new cities!

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  2. I love the idea of traveling. Going somewhere new can help alleviate holoday blues. Just going the next state over can open up new experiances. Also giving to charity, volunteering, and giving your self presents were my favorite ideas.

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  3. I particularly liked what you said about not letting anyone make you feel bad about how you spend your time. I’m part of two large and growing extended families, often their opinions, traditions, and schedules make what should be a special time of the year absolutely daunting.

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