Aries (The Eclectics)6


March 21- April 19

It’s never too late in life to explore the road untraveled. Whether it is the call of the wild or a text from the city, it is time to get up, out and back on that scooter. The city that you’ve been ignoring is full of festivals, marathons, concerts, movies, exhibits, plays, people and best of all fashion. When suburbia has gotten you down you can always go like the song says downtown… Downtown. Play it on repeat pronto, you need it. Visit some old friends downtown. Ask them about the exciting plans that they have for the holidays or for any day. Ask if you can tag along or even be the third wheel. You have five dollars for gas, the train, the bus, the bicycle, the cab, the lyft or for the uber. Oh, and you still know how to walk as well. The worst thing they can say is no. While hanging out in the city, you will literally bump into your new crush.


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