The 100 “Personal”

Constance had a flair for the dramatic. Her husband Phillip was ready to finalize their divorce. She used her busy work schedule as an excuse for stalling the process. Fair and square, they previously agreed upon splitting their assets equally down the middle. Satisfaction still eluded her. She  suggested a trading of gifts. She would give him her wedding ring in return for something arguably more valuable.

“You can’t be serious. That gift can’t just be returned to you,” her husband’s lawyer was losing his cool.

Phillip sighed with frustration. “Keep the ring. I’m not giving you back the kidney.”


  1. I can definitely call this short but most certainly not short and sweet.
    Great way of depicting the volatile nature of relationships.
    At one point you are willing to give a part of yourself unconditionally only to realize the sentiment was one sided

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