Taurus (The Dress Ups)6


April 20- May 20

Your mask of perfection began to wear thin.  It was too late to tell the truth, you had been outed. Does any of it matter at this point? They looked at you differently once the truth was out. You had played the part so well for months. Perhaps, they are the imposters while you are truly the original. You have surely dressed the part. To be fair you have copied from them but they have learned a thing or two from you along the way. They were born into their world of glitz and glamour while you were chosen by fate to be in it. You may be out on the steps now, but in time they will come to their senses. They are all pretenders as well; pretending that you don’t belong in their privileged world. Don’t worry after one gate closes another one close by will open for you.



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