Special Report: 10 Tips for Surviving in a Scary Movie

Greetings! I absolutely love to watch scary movies all year round. Since it is nearing Halloween, this special report seems to be appropriate and timely. I have never been in a scary movie as of yet, but I figure that I still have time. I think I’d be the uncool bookworm with a story to tell or hide. I would be brave, smart and resourceful but not the best fighter. In the final scene, I help the main character, who is nothing like me, attack the repulsive antagonist. Hopefully, I make it to the sequel or the better third film.

Let’s go over some tips that will help us survive in a scary movie someday.

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Number 10

Do not break your glasses or lose your contact lenses. This is coming in at number 10 since it obviously doesn’t apply to everyone. To survive past ten minutes in a scary movie, you will need to have good vision.

Number 9

Wear comfortable shoes and modest clothing. We’ve seen this plenty of times, someone trips and falls in the woods partly due to their shoes. Or a part of their clothing gets stuck in something that slows them down as the killer closes in. Be prepared to rip that shirt or skirt if necessary.

Number 8

Have brave friends or companions. You are only as strong as your weakest link. This is so true in a scary movie. Someone who is wearing a coat of fear will only slow you down. Two options: Spend time pulling them along or leave them if they are too afraid to proceed.

Number 7

Do not drink or do drugs. Yep, this might not sound fun to some but we plan to survive, right? For the next hour and a half we need to use our best judgment. Which means being sober and completely coherent.

Number 6

Avoid big parties or gatherings. Most likely, you are going to attend one party, the party that the killer will crash. The bigger the attendance, the larger the victim pool will be. Just try not to be alone with anyone during the party.

Number 5

Avoid splitting up your group. Alright, in mysteries and scary movies, the characters tend to split up to cover more ground to find someone, something or a proper exit, which can be effective in theory. However, it is likely that your partner will disappear when the lights go out, leaving you all alone in an unfamiliar environment, making you an open target.

Number 4

Lock all doors and windows. This makes the list because characters often leave out of the house without closing the door behind them. They look for the killer around the outside of the house when the killer is already inside.

Number 3

Do not bully other characters. “Be nice.” Think about it, you don’t know who the killer is or how many potential killers you have insulted this week. Other characters carry grudges all the way from grade school. If you are mean to the other characters, you are putting a huge bullseye on your head. It will be difficult to get people to help you if they strongly dislike you.

Number 2

Always carry a weapon. As soon as you realize that you are indeed in a scary movie, you should choose a weapon. An umbrella, a pogo stick, a pot or a pot full of hot water can be a weapon. Practically, anything you can hold can be used as a weapon. Also, you should be well aware of how your body can be used as a weapon. Don’t rely on your charms to get you out of this jam.

Number 1

Never tell anyone that you will be alone. It happens. Your parents go out-of-town for the weekend. You stay in the college dorms during holiday break. Your roommate went to a work conference. Your mate went to see his or her relatives in another state. You will be alone for some time and you have to tell someone. You have just made yourself an easy target. To protect yourself say that someone will be coming by or staying with you. Say that the Direct Tv guy will be stopping by any time between 12 and 4, so that the killer hears directly or through the grapevine that you might not be alone after all.

Yikes! I’m scared already. I hope that this list was helpful. This should strengthen your chances of survival. Generally, if you are the main character you will end up with a few bruises and awful memories but you will rise again and again. It’s the rest of us that have to worry the most; the best friend, the boyfriend, the curious neighbor, the popular tormentor or the babysitter are usually high up on the chopping block. No matter what part you play it is always best to be prepared with knowledge.


Please leave your thoughts or tips below…

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