Sagittarius (The Muses)5


Nov 22- Dec 21

Growing up is hard to do. You are no longer breaking city marathon records or the first one to reach the top of the hill. Don’t waste your time in the land of what used to be. Naturally, you will likely be slowed down with age. It seems like you and your once perfect body are at odds on a daily basis. Your body wants to sit when you want to run. If you want to sleep for hours it wants to tweet for hours. It is harder to balance it all. The scrapes, bruises and boo boos of yesteryear have been replaced with fears of cancer, flus and surgeries. Your conversations with friends sound like a game of comparing ailments. Fear not, even when it is scary. All those years of playing doctor and patient will finally pay off. Stay strong. Your next doctor’s visit will help to calm your mind.

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