Stationery Stylist 14

💌 Hey Pretty Lady


Greetings. I am back in a crafty mood today. It took me a while to get to this number 14. I was not pleased with the last two stationery projects that I worked on so I decided not to post them. For this stationery set, I used two different paper patterns and two drawings. I generally use more paper patterns on a set but I felt like these two were enough for this one. The colors of pink, blue and green complement each other very well and match with the flowers. Thankfully, the two bold patterns of floral and blue/white stripes do not overwhelm the notecards. In hindsight, I wish I would have left a pocket opening on the bottom left notecard where the stripes meet the floral pattern. I could have easily left that part open instead of gluing it down. You can place little gifts like a small fake flower, a coloring sheet, mini card or stickers for your pen pal within a pocket. Overall I am very happy with how this stationery set turned out.

Please leave any thoughts below…



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