Capricorn (The Classics)5

Dec 22- Jan 19


Soon this racing by year will be nothing but a collection of memories of past road trips and nights in. 365 days that have as always arrived and departed. By 2019, you will be the smartest, toughest, bravest, most experienced and resilient being that you have ever been. According to this logic, by 2020, you should be an even better owner of your own mental, spiritual and physical vehicle. At the moment, you are going faster than most travelers but don’t get ahead of yourself. Next year will be full of speed bumps, oddly placed stop signs, disrespectful drivers and inconvenient traffic detours just when you have almost reached your destination. By January, you should know how to navigate different paths, communicate better with other travelers, avoid hitting orange cones and seamlessly change speeds or direction.

Invest in reading more self- help literature or work on writing your own. It couldn’t hurt you to become an expert in helping the self. A coworker will surprisingly reach out to you for support and advice this week. Your traveling acumen and lack of accidents have been noticed. You will be ready with excellent responses and suggest that he or she read the great motivational book that you recently read.


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