Special Report: The Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Vampire

(For entertainment purposes only.)

We have all dreamed about it in our wildest dreams. We’ve thought about how great it would be to be in an official relationship with one of these attractive immortal beings. Their dark unconventional lifestyle is often glamorized in movies, television shows, music videos and numerous books causing us to be highly intrigued by them. However, after researching the topic we found out that romance between an everyday human and a vampire is likely not to be the best idea. Keep in mind that all vampires are individuals that should be judged by their own actions and words. No two vampires are completely alike. Before you pursue or if you are pursued by a vampire romantically take a look at this list of reasons highlighting why you should be cautious.

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The Top Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date A Vampire…

10. They are cold-blooded. Meaning that they are not the best to snuggle with.

9. They have unpredictable, strange friends that you don’t want to be left alone with for even two seconds.

8. They are often stuck in the past. A vampire might be 100 years old while you are 25 years old. You will spend a great amount of time explaining the internet, slang, emojis and virtual reality to them.

7. You might feel like you have to keep your relationship a secret, which is fine if you are a private person anyway. Though in time, what happens in the dark comes to the light. Generally, we want to share the details of our relationship with a friend or relative. A true friend will be concerned but hopefully not quick to judge.

6. A traditional vampire only comes out at night. True or False? If you are a night owl, it is perfect. If you are a day person, you will tire out waiting for nightfall, especially during daylight savings time.

5. They are always involved in a conflict with someone or something. They are still fighting wars that started two centuries ago. If you are around a vampire too much you are likely to become a victim of the conflict.

4. They relocate often to stay hidden and safe. You don’t really want to end up in a long distance relationship.

3. They can appear to have stalker tendencies; appearing out of nowhere, lurking in the shadows, leaving no reflections and vanishing into thin air. You will feel like your mind is playing tricks on you.

2. They have nothing to lose, because they are already dead. They can’t currently relate to your problems or concerns. They have forgotten what a headache feels like (if they ever had one), but they nod and pretend to understand. They may engage in terrifyingly dangerous behaviors or actions because they are immortal.

1. Last but never least. Of course, they might give in to their blood thirsty desires and bite you without your permission. This will hurt you and make you immortal as well. This is not acceptable unless you have given the okay first.

I hope that this list was helpful. I feel well-informed and ready to mingle. LOL. If you can think of any other reasons why you shouldn’t date a vampire please share your thoughts below…


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