Nestor’s Kobo Recap Prologue & Parts 1-15 (Major Spoiler Alert)

Grant is the new leader of the Kobo village. Hopefully, he’s ready and truly up for the challenge.

Breaking News: Grant, who is known as the perfect human man, has been declared the new leader of Kobo. Grant was Kobo’s goldkeeper for years, a Kobo protector and second in command behind Nestor.


Kobo is the most peaceful (normal) village in all of the land. Only humans with clear pasts are allowed to live in Kobo. Kobo is nearly surrounded by the Black Rip Sea and is located next to the village of Ash which is led by a female named Asher. The humans of the Ash village worship the existence of the Ash tree and other elements of nature. There are six other villages that are connected to the Octo Trail. The six other villages are Flaco, the Crescent, Bristol, Logoff, Sandor and Ondello. Many beings get lost on the Octo Trail everyday. It contains eight different paths that lead to the eight different villages.

The main character is a cursed older man with light gray braided hair named Nestor. Though he is old he still has the figure, face, wit and charms of a young man. He lived in the village of Bristol with his nonchalant guardians and his friends Agnes and Donavo. The village of Bristol is governed by the use of the book of law and the Punishere. Nestor was punished when he was young by the Punishere for stealing a miro (mirror) from the Bristol market. Nestor was given the ability to read anyone’s past or to see more clearly as the Punishere put it. Nestor was haunted by his visions of people’s past misdeeds. He ran all the way to Kobo on the Octo Trail. Nestor was the only kid who visited all of the villages since he was not afraid of the freaks and his guardians didn’t mind. Bushear, Kobo’s leader at the time, allowed Nestor to stay and work for his food and housing. Nestor’s mind was more at ease in Kobo. There was no Punishere and the people had clearer pasts that he could see. Nestor unknowingly gave Bushear the cursed miro as a gift. Bushear went mad and died leaving Kobo in the hands of a wild teenage Nestor. Nestor lead Kobo during the day and partied in the Crescent village with the witches and vamps at night. Nestor was known to have many flames in the different villages.

One day, Donavo was bitten by a wolf, turned into a wereboy and consequently was sent away to reside in the Crescent village with the other freaks. Agnes, Donavo’s meddlesome sister was invited by Nestor to come live in Kobo. Nestor convinced a tribe that the berry fields were on Koboian land, which was a lie. Over the years, Kobo was able to acquire plenty of gold from the sale of the berries. Agnes would go to the Bristol market on a weekly basis to sell her very profitable berry tarts. To get more gold, Nestor made up a rumor about dangerous beasts being in the berry fields. This story was believed for forty years by all of the village leaders until Mattau the new leader of Ondello started to doubt the tale.

Nestor thought it would be wise to let the teenage rebellious Lottie, the next and only female Punishere of Bristol hide from her guardians and younger brother in Kobo until her brother the current Punishere dies. If he helped a Punishere, perhaps his curse could be finally lifted. Sam, the village’s chief builder, uncovered Lottie’s big secret. Sam suggested that she try a procedure that would drain all of the Punishere blood from her body to set her free of the duty.

Nestor’s previous flame (love interest) Hettie was killed by Nestor’s order because of her treasonous thoughts and behaviors. Hettie was unable to have a child after Mercy a witch put a curse on the village of Kobo. Mercy tried to burn the village down. Mercy was Nestor’s old flame back when he visited the Crescent. She used a spell to change her appearance and blocked the reading of her true past so that Nestor would let her live briefly in Kobo near him.

Hettie tricked a couple of people into following her from the village of Kobo to the outer Crescent, where the trolls live, to attain a few orphans to raise. Agnes was taken from the trail by an ugly troll named Troxie and later sold to Mattau for gold. While in Ondello, the richest village, Agnes met Glodean, the girl dipped in gold and Grant’s flame, who helped her escape. On the Octo Trail, Agnes and Glodean ran into Declan Mortis III, the leader of the vamps, who told Mercy to kill one of them. Declan Mortis III was furious with the humans because he found out that the Ash village was selling garlic. Mercy recklessly decided to kill them both. Nestor received the horrifying vision while he was with Grant. The vision caused him to pass out and sleep for days.

Alright, I think we are just about caught up now. To get all of the details, read the Prologue and Parts 1 through 15. Let’s see what happens next! Please share any thoughts below…



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