Free Birthday Swag

Would a million dollar company send you a free gift on your birthday? YES! YES! YES! What about a billion dollar company? Amazon, Apple or Walmart? We must research this for our next birthday. Below is a short list of the restaurants and stores that will give you a birthday surprise. All you have to do is login on the various company websites and enter your name and your birthdate. Be careful to make sure that you check the expiration dates on the birthday offers. Some offers will expire a week after your birthday, two weeks or at the end of your birthday month. I would suggest printing out all of the emails and writing the expiration dates on them. You need to read all of the fine print. Some offers have to be printed out or may say dine-in only. Thankfully, you only have to register your birthdate with these companies one time to receive a lifetime of birthday swag.



  1. Applebees- Free Entree
  2. Portillos- Free slice of chocolate cake
  3. Panera Bread- Free pastry or sweet
  4. Wendy’s- 1.00 Off any premium combo
  5. Cinnabon- Free Iced Coffee
  6. Which Which- Free 7″ Which sandwich
  7. Round the Clock- Free birthday meal up to $10
  8. Baskin Robbins- Free kids scoop or 3 oz swirl of soft serve
  9. Red Lobster- Free Dessert with purchase of two Dinner Entrees
  10. IHOP- Free full stack of pancakes
  11. Dairy Queen- BOGO Free Blizzard or $3 Off of any Ice Cream Cake
  12. Baker’s Square- Free slice of pie
  13. Abuelos- Free Entree when you buy one other Entree and two beverages
  14. Steak n’ Shake- Free specialty milkshake
  15. Arby’s- Free small shake when you purchase a sandwich
  16. Potbelly Sandwich Shop- Free Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie or Sugar Cookie
  17. McAlister’s Deli- $5 Off your next meal
  18. Red Robin- Free Burger of your choice
  19. Kohl’s- $5 Off your next purchase
  20. Olive Garden- Free Dessert item


Enjoy! You will have to use your organizing skills to keep up with all of these offers, but it’s so worth it to eat all month for free. Please share any of your thoughts below…


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