Virgo (The Starlets)5

Aug 23-Sept 22


Award season has come back around again. The years are going by so fast now.  Though the competition is steep, after all of these years you feel entitled to at least an honorable mention. It would be wonderful to finally be recognized for all of your superior efforts. You have exceeded their expectations and served as a role model for others in your field. That trophy, bonus, coffee mug, certificate and close parking space should wear your name until someone worthy outshines you next year. However darling, if you are overlooked this year do not fret over their extrinsic rewards.  Your heart’s shelf is full of pleasant memories, small and large accomplishments, successes and improvements that you have made. Keep on impressing yourself, Starlet. You will be invited to join a professional organization, make sure you read all of the membership details.

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