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Daily Affirmations are needed more than ever in these trying times. Everyday, we hear about individuals who have lost hope and given up the fight. Know that you are worth fighting for. You are worth trying for. You were not created solely to experience indefinite suffering. You will rise again and rightfully claim your desired destiny. It won’t happen overnight but in time the changes will come. Continue to program recordings of happy positive thoughts into your mind’s DVR. You STILL can beat the thoughts or situations that have pinned you down.

Let’s review a few positive affirmations together.


I will no longer let the fear of rejection from others stop me from attending social gatherings that I want to attend.


Other people will not control how I feel about my appearance.


I will make time for resting my body and my mind. I am not obligated to carry the load.


When I am alone I will not exacerbate my feelings of sadness or anxiety with thoughts of past mistakes or failures.


I have many natural-born talents. I can be highly skilled or highly unskilled. Either way, I will speak highly of myself.


I will pick my companions wisely. People who do not speak highly of me do not understand my worth and will not continue to benefit from the use of my limited time.

I hope that this was helpful. Please share your thoughts below…..




  1. Wow….this definitely raised my spirit this good day. So many times people are so judgemental and send their negative energy to others “just because”. Afformations are strong as the mind is mental and words and thought manifest into the physical. Great stuff Nikki.

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