Mission Possible: Pick a Ratings Worthy Dress


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You were supposed to become the runner up on the reality show “One Week Till Marriage.” However, the ratings for the program have been dropping every week, which in fact the show only shoots for 7 days (one week). It was allegedly going to be a quick and easy gig to skyrocket your popularity and land you your own reality show. The producers in a last minute plot change decided that Roderick McSlimey will marry you instead of Erin the girl next door and the early audience favorite. Sadly, if you get engaged to Roderick you will have to wait till after the planned “breakup” to get your own reality show. You might even miss your chance altogether if Erin is offered the opportunity. The producers leave it up to you to pick your wedding dress out of 4 dress options, although you will never share any vows with Roderick. You hope to look stunning in your dress as you walk away from your beach front “wedding” which will air on television in August. You want to pick a dress that will be as memorable and buzz worthy as your exit.

Which dress will you choose?

1, 2, 3 or 4

Please share your thoughts below……



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