Life Assistant 002- Stress Relief Coloring

I was asked by my client Stacey if I would accompany her to a coloring session at the local library. Stacey told me that she suffers from a mild case of social anxiety or social phobia. I reminded her that I wasn’t a licensed therapist of any kind but that I was her life assistant. So I did accept the request. Though, I was not sure how much I was going to charge her for this easy outing.


Stacey sat beside me at a rectangular brown table. “I came back from the bathroom and they were gone,” Stacey stated.

“They have to be here somewhere. The coloring book is here,” I pointed out. “Maybe they fell on the floor.”

I peeked under the table as Stacey surveyed the room with her eyes.

“I thought you were going to watch my things.”

“I had to take a phone call in private. I stepped out briefly. I think she had been staring at me.” I pointed towards a middle aged woman who was busy coloring a large umbrella that was being held by a small cat.

“She was probably eyeing the pencils not you. We have to find them.”

“You will just replace them. They are just pencils,” I stated.

The other library patrons stopped coloring and focused on me. “Just pencils,” One of them repeated. “You surely sound like a nonbeliever.”

I stood up to get a better view. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone.”

“Well you did.”

Stacey stood up beside me. “Did anyone see what happened to my color pencils?”

“Doesn’t seem like you deserved them, serves you right,” the middle aged woman replied.

I felt uncomfortable. “Let’s just go to the store.”

“We can’t just buy them at the store. They are high quality pencils. They will pawn them or post them on the black market,” Stacey assumed.

“Let’s not get carried away.”

“No. They sell for three hundred dollars a box. That’s why they took them.”

“What? I could have been mugged.”

“Did anyone leave the room besides you and me?” Stacey asked.

“Nope. And no one is going to.” My heroics and guilt kicked in.

I left my seat and stood in front of the room door.

“No one is leaving this room, until we get the pencils back.”

“And the box and two sharpeners,” Stacey added.

The librarian spoke on a phone. “Send security, we’ve got a problem in room 212.”

“Yes, we do have a problem,” I agreed.

Security arrived prompting me to casually move away from the doorway. “Sir, you can’t block an exit. What seems to be the problem?”

“Stacey came in here with the highest quality color pencils in a black box and now they are missing.”

The security guard tried to be serious. “Alright, a few questions. Do you know the approximate height and weight of the missing? What were they wearing?”

“Very funny copper.”

“I was just joking with you sir. Does anyone here have their high definition color pencils?”

“High quality.”

“No,” the patrons returned.

“Sir, they don’t have them.”

The security guard reached into his left pocket, pulled out a few dollar bills and tried to give them to me. “Here, I will give you four dollars of my own if you just leave peacefully.”

“Of course, they are going to say that they don’t have them.” I continued on with being an advocate for his client.

The security guard placed the money back into his pocket. “Sir, I don’t want to have to call the authorities. I’d rather handle this between us. Let’s be rational here. This is supposed to be stress relief coloring. You can’t be accusing folks.”

“Call them then, the authorities.”

Stacey gave in. “No, Jonathon let’s just go. My week has already been bad enough. I thought this would help.”

The world surely had changed so much. Who would ruin a thirty somethings dream of being able to color frogs that are sitting in a pond? I am often surprised by where my client’s take me. I find that your riches can come and go often envied by others. Make time to enjoy the little things in life as we did when we were young.



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