Jonathon-The Life Assistant

(For entertainment purposes only)

person wearing blue suit beside crossbody bag and using macbook

Dear Nikki Readers,

6 months ago, I decided to quit my job in corporate America. I worked in the marketing department of a fortune 500 company. At 32, I had grown tired of working for other people’s dreams.  I  preferred the idea of making my own schedule, goals and rules. With my degrees being in Psychology and Business, marketing always seemed like the right arena for me, in which I was successful. I had to believe that I could market myself just as well in my own endeavor. I wanted to help people in a deeper sense beyond selling to them. I also wanted to take on challenging and non-routine tasks. I wasn’t exactly sure where to start or who to ask for guidance or advice. The world at large had gotten more anxious, negative and overbooked. My generation was allegedly declared as the most stressed out in recent years. Perhaps, I thought I could put a dent in that statistic. I needed to formulate a business plan and a mission statement based on my goals.



I reached out to an old friend named Ravinia from college who is a CEO of a not for profit. She offered me a marketing position at her organization but I kindly rejected the offer. She went on at length about how hard it was for her to maintain a healthy work/life balance. She asked me if I would be interested in helping her sell some old home furniture online. She knew that I specialized in how to sell items and would feel better if I was around if a stranger came to her house. She said that she would pay me for my time, which wasn’t necessary for a friend. I knew that I didn’t truly wish to have the title of a personal assistant or a life coach though I wanted to motivate others. There were no exact credentials needed to be a life coach or a personal assistant. So why not be both? Shortly, after I helped Ravinia sell her furniture she told her busy colleagues and friends about me. Before, I knew it I was on call 24/7 for my clients as a Life Assistant. For confidentiality reasons, I will use fake names in my upcoming posts.


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