Mission Possible: The September Issue

You have almost successfully completed your internship as an Editorial Intern at Threads, a new to the market fashion magazine. It’s just your luck that the most important issue of the year is right around the corner, the September issue. Since, this is a new business venture the owners are scrambling to learn the dynamics of the industry and produce this issue ahead of time. They have given you an assignment today, that they want completed by the end of the day along with your other tasks. This upcoming issue will feature many successful millennial fashion bloggers. You will complete an article about blogger Elena Luz. Her personal style is very feminine, original and playful. The magazine focuses on standout fashion that uses bold designs and unique color combinations. Elena emailed Threads three photos of herself to choose from for the article.

Which photo would you use for the article? A B C

Elena Luz- From Blogger to Boss.



Please share your thoughts below…



  1. I LOVE the dress in #3. I also like the subtle look on her face. #1 is a great picture, also, but #3 is still better in my book. Good luck!


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