The Missing Piece

Seek help as needed when needed.

(For entertainment purposes only)

black and white blank challenge connect

The strangers had banded together to steal every last piece of her spirit. They were relentless, working on their cause for years. Her soul was shattered and her strength was almost gone. Their words like machetes tore into her still beating heart. With each slash, she felt more broken, bruised and beaten. She tried to forget, but the painful memories lived on. She dropped down to her knees and prayed that something or someone would stop them from overtaking her mind. Soon it would be too late to save her. They had succeeded, so they thought. She cried for hours in her sadness and went through moments of pure rage beyond frustration. The weight of their full on  attack was too heavy. Her head pounded and she felt physically weak. “I give up, I have tried my best.” She felt as though her heart was being pulled from her chest. Her sight was blurry from the tears. Her tormentors praised their efforts and rejoiced in victory. Another soul collected, scattered pieces of a person to be placed into an airless box and eventually discarded of. The pieces of her were uncomfortable in the dark lifeless box. The pieces started to link themselves together creating a physical union, making it apparent that one piece was missing. The pieces now through working together had enough strength to flip the lid off of the box, letting the light touch down onto the pieces. The tormentors didn’t understand what was happening with the box. They tried to tape the box shut using different materials but the pieces kept flipping the lid off. “One piece is missing,” stated a tormentor. “After all these years, we still can’t close her box. There’s still a piece of her soul left. Perhaps, we should focus on collecting another soul. We have tried our best.” Slowly, filled with anguish and perseverance, she wiped her face and struggled to stand up.


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