Special Report: The Top 10 Things that Fashion/ Haters Say

No worries. This is just for fun. In all reality, what the haters say or have said makes no real difference to a true fashionista. However, their words make for a great fashion post. So thanks be to the haters for this idea. Let’s begin the countdown…


10). You should show a little skin.

9). Let me show you how to coordinate your clothing.

8). Stripes and polka dots don’t go together.

7). You don’t look so well put together.

6). You look like you are 13 (years old) in that.

5). You are materialistic.

4). I like the way you used to dress better.

3). “O’h, fancy!”

2). You are wearing that?

1). Why are you so dressed up?

Oh, the memories. Have you heard any of these zingers? I hope not, but if you have please share your thoughts below. Also, if you haven’t heard any of these let us know what you have heard. It is not always easy being a fashionista. Often you stand out and stand alone. You are not alone here. Keep being fabulously you.

Until next time



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