Fall/Winter Lookbook- Carmen’s Style- When Leather Met Cardigan

(For entertainment purposes only)


August 2018

Dear Nikki Readers,

To celebrate Nikki Bondurant Media’s 5000 views, we will begin a new  chapter together. More Unique Stories-More Fashion-More Crafting-More Nikki. Thank you for all of your support over the past couple of months.

Our model Carmen (pictured above) has an undeniable sense of style. She doesn’t focus on trends or current fads. She dresses with confidence, never needing to explain or second guess her style choices. Her favorite season for fashion is fall. She mostly sports a rocker style all year round.

Her outfits range from -sexy- to -with the band- to- in the band- to- sophisticated. Her closet is full of black, suede, jean, leather and pleather items. I hope you enjoy the Lookbook.

Introducing the Fall/Winter Lookbook- When Leather Met Cardigan.

Rock On Always,





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