woman in gray long sleeved top holding hairphoto of woman in gray crew neck topwoman in grey long sleeved shirt

Hot pink days! Ombre hair coloring has been popular for a couple of years now. Traditional hair colors such as brown, red, black, gray and blonde have been pushed aside for more trendy looks. Besides pink, purple, royal blue and green also seem to be popular ombre hair colors. I have not experimented as of yet with any bold colors like this model has. My hair is fairly dark so I was told that I would have to be subjected to a nice dose of bleach. After the hairdresser pulled out the don’t complain to us waiver if your hair gets messed up, I decided that I didn’t want to take the risk. Caution or fear? Since I still go on interviews from time to time, I currently wouldn’t try out this style unless it was in the form of detachable fake hair (extensions or a ponytail). However, I think it looks beautiful and is very creative. I like to try different styles often. I would give this one a MAY.

Please share your thoughts below.


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