Nestor’s Kobo 12


photo of hobbit house

Agnes and her new kidnapping troll companion Troxie were riding in an alligator pulled wagon. She was glad to be outdoors instead of in the troll’s miniature home. Her knees hurt from having to crawl through Troxie’s residence. She had to make peace with being a hostage. It wouldn’t be wise to escape and try to find her way back to Kobo alone on the Octo Trail. She would surely get lost and only end up deeper in the Crescent. This troll Troxie was less frightening than the witches, vamps, werewolves and the komodos of the surrounding areas. She could stay in the outer Crescent until she loses value to Troxie and he decides to take her home, so she thought. The other trolls in the village paid her no mind but they also didn’t seem to notice eachother. Troxie appeared to live a solo life completely on his own. Agnes looked out at the passing scenery. “Poor Nestor will be lost without me. He’s the leader of the village that I’m from, Kobo. He has a way of getting into much trouble. He needs a leash really.”

Troxie snorted up a laugh. “Nestor, that name sounds familiar.”

Agnes straightened her skirt with her hands. “Thank you for your hospitality, but I should get back to Kobo. I’m supposed to be working at the Bristol market practically everyday. If I don’t return we could lose our table there.”

Troxie was strangely silent for awhile, while Agnes talked about her many worries. “It will be some time before you get back to Kobo.”

After another mile, the wagon stopped in front of a golden palace. Agnes being a stranger to other villages beyond Kobo and Bristol didn’t recognize the estate. “Is this where the troll king lives? Are we having last meal here?”

Troxie appeared as though he was searching for the correct words. “Have you heard the saying, bad things happen to good people?”

Agnes didn’t see anyone coming to greet them. “Of course, I have. Why do you ask?”

“I thought humans were vicious creatures even worse than the alligators. But, you were nothing but kind to me Agnes even in the worst of circumstances.”

Three golden armed Ondello guards  were coming down the wide palace steps. Agnes tried to slouch down in the seat as to hide though she was too large. Ondello’s leader Mattau stood at the top of the stairs.

“What is going on Troxie?”

Troxie looked down into his own lap. “I sent a message to Mattau. This is Ondello village.”

“Ondello. Alright. The richest village in the land. What message did you send?”

“I had taken Kobo’s berry tart maker from the Octo Trail.”

“Are they going to take me home?”

“No, Agnes, they are not.”

Agnes glanced at the guards. “It’s not too late. Nestor will give you whatever you want if you just return me safely. No harm done. ”

“Mattau promised me enough gold to last if I handed you over. I will regret it.”

“I have nothing to give this Mattau. If he wants the recipe or any other information about Kobo he’ll have to beat it out of me. He already has sixty percent of all the gold, more than any other village.”

Troxie grabbed Agnes’ right hand. “Sorry. Give Mattau what he asks for.”

“Like you did. Humans don’t break that easily.” She removed her hand from his.

“He will break you.”


“Mattau is not like his father. He believes in torturing other beings. I’ll come back every third day to see what’s  left of you. Find Glodean, the girl dipped in gold, she might help you.”

“Glodean? You are bringing no comfort to me. I thought we were friendly, but you do this. All over some berries.”

“No, Agnes it’s all about the gold.”

The guards pulled a still shoeless Agnes out of the wagon. Troxie yelled, “Easy, her feet are still bruised.”

Agnes gathered up enough saliva to spit in Troxie’s direction and then immediately felt conflicted about it. Troxie’s long hair turned dark blue and swayed in the wind. “Farewell, my friend until we meet again.”

Agnes fought her way up the stairs. She decided to stop since she was losing the fight against the one guard. “Mattau!”

Mattau smiled. “Agnes, you are a long way from home.”

Agnes grinned back. “My brother Donavo is coming to get me. I saw him while I was in the Cresent.”

“Your brother the werewolf. Nestor cares for you so much but forgets to teach you how to lie properly. I already asked Troxie about you.”

“You’ve never gone to the Crescent and you haven’t seen your brother Donavo in forty years, right? You still feel guilty about letting him go into the Bristol woods. You could have stopped him but you didn’t. You wanted him to know what fear was, because Nestor rejected fear.”

“You know nothing. You have no right to talk about my family.”

Mattau headed inside the palace with Agnes by his side. The three guards were close behind. Mattau shouted, “Goldean!”

“Have you met my niece Glodean? She is your goldkeeper’s flame. You know Grant, I’m sure. She will get you settled in your room.”

Agnes realized that Glodean might be able to help her. She was Grant’s flame which meant she had to be kind hearted. Surely, she would not let her uncle hurt an old lady especially for Kobo’s secrets.

Mattau stared into Agnes eyes. “You are new here. I want you to know that any rights that you have here will be given by me. And taken away by me.”

“I need to rest my feet.”

“You should get some rest. By daylight, I want to know how you make those berry tarts that you sell at the Bristol market. I want to know about the beasts in the berry fields. I need to know all about Nestor. If you are unable to share this information with me, we will find out how long it takes to remove each of your finger nails from your fingers.”

Glodean finally came downstairs to greet and retrieve Agnes. Mattau frowned at her. “What on land took you so long?”

She ignored him. “Agnes of Kobo. Is Grant ill? They sent you to handle the affairs?”

Agnes started walking down the hall so Mattau wouldn’t over hear the conversation. “A troll named Troxie…..”

“A troll?”

“Pipe down. Yes, a troll. He said that you might help me.”

Glodean looked confused. “I don’t deal with Ondello’s gold deals. I can’t count that high.”

Agnes turned a corner and Glodean followed her. “Listen to me. Your uncle is holding me here against my will. The troll sold me out. I need to escape and get back to Kobo.”

“I see. I can help you,” she whispered. “But, I will need something in return.”

“Wow! All you freaks are truly diabolical. What could you possibly want girl dipped in gold?”

“To live in Kobo with Grant.” Her golden eyes appeared to sparkle like glitter.

“You know Nestor decides who gets to live in Kobo. Kobo is for humans. You are a freak with I’m guessing an unclear past.”

“Well, I guess I can’t really help you then. Let’s get you some rest. Busy day at daylight. The stairs are this way.” She physically turned Agnes around. “A little pushy are we?” Agnes touched Glodean’s gold shimmery arm. “I will convince Nestor. You have my word.”

“I will pack a bag then.”

Agnes figured that a war might be unavoidable. Mattau was more of a dictator than his father was known to be. Nestor would be extremely upset about this act and take it out on Ondello. Mattau one could assume would not like his niece living in Kobo under the rule of the freak Nestor and the humans. Agnes couldn’t wait to gain a pair of shoes and sleep in a normal size cot. She missed telling Sam, the builder, stories of yesteryear and going to the Bristol marketplace with her mentee Sarah. She hoped that Nestor was behaving while she was gone. No jumping into snake pits, stealing land or committing himself to any witches again. She wondered if the lost trail children from the orphanage were allowed to stay in Kobo. Perhaps, Agnes worried about the Kobo village more than it ever worried about her.




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