Veronica’s Closet 4


h.i.p. Cardigan

XOXO Skirt

Charming Charlie Clutch


So these three items are from the “Junior’s” section. Veronica is in her 30’s but can still fit into Junior sizes and that’s okay. Clothes made for teenagers can be cheaper at times but of course not always. The brand XOXO tends to be on the high-end of department store teeny bopper mall fashion. If it fits, wear it well. Charming Charlie accessories are mainly now sold through the online site, since malls have been experiencing a decline over the years. Charming Charlie often had a clearance rack that was buy one get one free. At times, you could purchase a pair of earrings for $2 or a choker for $1.  The clutch was less than $2 bucks because it was way out of season. The clutch is more of a fall/winter item but the outfit itself could work in all seasons and especially on a breezy summer day/night.

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