Veronica’s Closet 1

Welcome to my first installment of Veronica’s Closet.  I have been working on this project for some time now. I think I have finally arrived at a great picture. Everyday, I am learning new blogger techniques. I am pleased to share this with you. Veronica has a capsule wardrobe that consists of black/white, school bus yellow, red, orange, gray, cream and brown clothing. In my humble opinion, I have always felt that some magazines miss the mark when they pair clothing together. No offense. Often the clothes in the magazines don’t seem to match that well or are not for everyday wear or the outfits are not that inspiring or they are super expensive. But of course, people have different tastes. I will try my very best on this fashion project though I have limited resources. So with no further ado, I am ready to introduce Veronica’s Closet. YES, THAT WAS JUST DRAMATIC ENOUGH!


Liz Claiborne Work Dress

Betsey Johnson Satchel Bag


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