Stationery Stylist 13


IRL it’s one of those days when you realize that even though you are a strong person you still have times when you need to be “handled with care.” I appreciate this stationery set because I think it definitely sends a message. For this stationery set, I used 4 paper patterns, 1 quote, 2 frames and a drawing. I started with the woman sitting on the pink and gold leopard chair and thankfully somehow ended up here. I used camouflage paper to make the envelope that’s in the upper left corner. I feel that this pattern and the gold together truly symbolize the idea of strength. This set was made using foil paper. The notecards finished design also speaks to a boldness in the woman. She is not hiding herself though she is going through a difficult time.

However, tomorrow when my mood has changed I might see this set differently. LoL. My second analysis would be that she’s doing well spiritually. She just received a package in the mail (probably a home decor item) that read “handle with care.”

Please share your thoughts below…….