Nestor’s Kobo 4

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The sun marveled in the skies of Ondello, the richest village in their world. Grant was on his way to visit his flame Glodean. Grant was allowed without question into any of the eight villages. He was Nestor’s official messenger, who took care of Kobo’s financial dealings and he was known as the perfect human man. Glodean was born into the richest tribe in Ondello. She lived in a massive palace, could have anything that she wanted and had been named “the girl dipped in gold.” She was not fulfilled though, she wanted to move to Kobo to be with Grant, but someone was stopping her.

The two witch sisters Mercy and Patience kept quiet in the Ondello woods. They needed to spend some time away from the Crescent. Living in a village full of witches, werewolves and other freaks, wasn’t ideal for resting. They spoke of their dreams and nightmares while enjoying a picnic in the woods.

Mercy continued. “That Nestor turned out to be such a bore, really.” She passed a piece of squirrel to her sister. “Tied me up and stuck me on a boat after I burned down his village. Didn’t even try to kill me. He’s ridiculous.”

Patience stroked the spider that was hanging from a string around her neck.” He probably guessed that you are a witch and knew he couldn’t kill a witch. You’ve been talking about Nestor ever since he first came to the Crescent. I don’t care to hear about him. This obsession of yours, needs to stop.”

“He was memorable. He was wild and insane. He drank two goblets of poison on purpose. How could I resist that?”

“If you don’t shut your tongue about him I’m going to ignore you and just talk to my spider Grant here.” Patience rolled her violet eyes. She squinted. “O’h, how I hate the sun. Always shining so.”

“Grant? I can’t talk about Nestor, but you named your spider after Grant?” Mercy pouted.

“At least I’m not going around embarrassing us like you did.”

Mercy scowled. “Embarrassing you? Did you pick up a human emotion during your time in Logoff? The coven doesn’t care about us. We are alone out here. The Crescent doesn’t care either. It’s not my fault that Nestor doesn’t want a war with the freaks. He knows that he would lose. The tart queen and Granty don’t want a war either. I did everything I could to start one. ”

“Nestor wants to live in peace in Kobo. Face it. He’s not the same boy who came here all those years ago.”

Mercy yanked and yanked until one of her teeth came out. Patience frowned and turned her head. “Not necessary at all.”

Mercy stood up and held out her tooth. “A gift for the spider.”

“No, thanks, Mercy.” Patience was slightly disgusted.

Mercy sat back down firmly in the dirt. “Look, Kobo is pretending to be good. Led by that freak Nestor but Nestor is not good. He belongs in the Crescent with us. He is cursed. Cursed by the Punishere. I did promise the coven a war but I didn’t say when it would happen, did I?”

Patience’s head spun around wildly. “Grant is here in Ondello.”

“Obsession, obsession.”

“Listen. He is on his way to the Ondello Palace. Not on official duties though. He came empty handled and by himself.”

Mercy drank from her goblet. “He is here to see Glodean again. She’s his flame. You know this.”

“It’s so unfair. She already has everything and she gets to have Grant?”

“The world is not fair, if you haven’t noticed. Just go and be Glodean for a day. It’s easy.  Use the resemblance spell. Dance with Grant, talk to Grant, do whatever you want with Grant. Wait, even better start a war with Grant. Yes, Ondello and Kobo going to war, that would be marvelous. Crush the golden palace and take the berry fields. Hooray for chaos,” Mercy shouted.

“Shut your tongue, someone will hear you.”

“You are afraid of these humans? Anyways, after the war, I get to keep Nestor. I know the real him is still in that body.” Mercy refocused her thoughts back to Nestor.

“The spell will only last for so long. I ‘m not wasting my time with Grant talking about a war. He’s a good man. He’d never agree to that.”

Mercy folded her arms. “You know, Grant is just like the rest of them, would see you as a freak. Nothing more. A freak in their otherwise perfect world.”

Patience now standing, dramatically swung her jet black hair over her shoulder. “You are the freak, Mercy. Go home. You keep on slobbering like a beast over your memories of a young Nestor, who no longer exists. I’m going to be Glodean now. The girl who is dipped in gold!”

Grant, the spider, found the two witch sisters to be very amusing. They bicker all day long about human men and different ways to start wars. Nestor sounded like a deeply troubled individual but Grant sounded like a dream come true. Patience, his owner, was so in love with this Grant that the spider deeply wanted to meet Grant himself. Shouldn’t he meet whoever he was named after? The spider planned on making a surprise appearance when Grant met the witch’s version of Glodean.

Mercy shook her head.” Go and be Goldean then, my sister!”

“I will,” Patience confirmed as she headed down the trail. “I’ll be back in time for the offering.”







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