Nestor’s Kobo 3

gray wooden house burning

Hettie roughly knocked on the door of Nestor’s residence in the middle of the night. To her surprise, Rayden opened the door.

“O’h. Good night, Rayden,” Hettie greeted him.

Rayden left out of the door without saying a word to her.

Nestor laughed. “You two are very chatty nowadays. He’s probably still upset with you. Thinks that you used him.”

“Why? He knew I wanted a purely human child. I surely couldn’t have that with you. It wasn’t about love with him.”

“So you know what love is, Hettie? I’ve had so many visitors tonight.  I didn’t expect you to come by. You’ve been avoiding me. There’s no need to punish an already cursed man.”

“It looks like you are the chatty one. I couldn’t sleep. Haven’t slept in days.”

Nestor was concerned. “The berries, have you been eating them?”

“I have Nestor, but I don’t think that berries are the cure for every ailment.”

“Try a little faith, dear. The many uses of the berries have made us quite rich.”

“Rich, right. How do you stay so calm after all that has happened?” Hettie asked him.

“Well as you can see Kobo is still standing.  And I eat eight berries a day.”

“Someone’s risking their life so that you can be so mellow.”

“Risking their life? The beasts have not visited the berry fields for sometime. There has been no risk lately. I will know if they return. Are you content with your current living arrangement?”

“Rebe and Missa (the twins) were very kind to offer to let me stay with them. I had nothing to bring with me from the fire. You could have offered me your place.”

“O’h. I don’t think it would be wise for you to stay here. A few weeks ago you wanted to start an uprising against me. ”

“An uprising in Kobo. That’s ridiculous. You saw it wrong again.”

“Why are you here tonight, Hettie? To ask me…what?”

“Give your post to Grant. You are getting older and your visions are harming more than helping.”

“That almost sounds like an order from you. Not happening. You are brave to ask. I suppose you like the others have grown to fancy Grant. You want Rayden, then the magnificent Nestor and now Grant.”

“You’ve had too many berries, Nestor. Tell me, I have been wondering how exactly did you get rid of Mercy?”

“If you must know we tied her up, put her on a boat and pushed it out into the Black Rip Sea. We didn’t kill her Hettie, but she is gone.”

“You didn’t kill her?”

“No. We don’t kill here.”

“She could come back. She found her way here. The floods, the fires, the accidents and the blue births. She killed Rayden’s and my child. You just let her go?”


“You let her stay and join us, stay in my home that she torched to the ground. She drowned Leah in the sea and she laughed as our children died! You read her past and saw nothing, nothing at all?”

“Nothing sinister, no. If I had she wouldn’t have been allowed here.”

“That proves that you shouldn’t be leading us. I wonder if she was targeting Kobo or just you. Was it supposed to be your second punishment?”

“That’s enough now!”

“Your so-called gift cost us our future. You failed. You decided to scare her a little bit and then set her free.”

“You don’t understand. It doesn’t matter what she did here.”

“It doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter because you lost the least.”

“I lost the least? It’s clear to me that I’m losing you.”

“You couldn’t kill her why? Why?”

“She blocked her real past from me. She can’t be killed by us.”

“Explain. Why not?” Hettie demanded to know.

“Because… because she’s a witch.”

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