Monica’s Memories

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Hello Nikki Readers,

It’s Monica J. your favorite Travel Blogger. Nikki asked me to share some of my notes with you. My friend Melanie has allowed me to share parts of her story with you. First off, I have to randomly address my love of pineapples. I ordered this pineapple pendant necklace from a catalog book. It was only 9.99 plus shipping and handling. It is a great addition to my pineapple art collection. I might even wear it sometime. LoL.


She won’t mind me saying this. Melanie is one of those people who always looks great with little effort needed. Even in her melancholy, she looks like she’s being featured in an ad campaign. After, her fiance ended their relationship via a letter she asked me to join her on her birthday trip. Her ex-fiance lives in the same apartment complex, so she didn’t want to run into him on her birthday.

We decided to stay the weekend in the Abbott Cottage. The whole Chambers street is lined with cottages that you can rent all year round. What makes the location unique? There is a canal that runs around the block. You can not drive to the cottage, so I probably wouldn’t come here during the winter. There are no driveways or garages anywhere. You park your car near the shopping plaza.  You walk about a block away from the plaza and spot a row of rowboats. You are assigned to a specific boat for your stay. There is no fee for the boat unless you damage it in some way.

architecture boating canal cottage
Abbott Cottage

All of the rooms in the cottage had a rustic vibe. No phone and to my horror there was no television to be found. Since Melanie planned the trip, I didn’t look into the amenities beforehand. Which makes me a freewheeling travel blogger I suppose.  I just assumed that there would be basic technology here. No need to fear, there was a toaster, refrigerator and a microwave in the kitchen. Thank goodness.

bed bedroom furniture headboard

The newly remodeled deck was fairly modern looking. It was great to just sit outside. Given the boats, no television and no wifi, I would assume that people come here mainly to celebrate the great outdoors.

architecture chairs contemporary decorations

The living room couch was more comfortable than it looked. We sat and just talked for a while until I found a stash of board games in the closet. We played the original game of life until it got as boring as real life. #sarcasm

apartment architecture atmosphere bedroom

Stranger than my pineapple addiction is the fact that Melanie ONLY eats breakfast food. She eats breakfast food all day long everyday. I wondered if there was a word for this condition. A breakfastite? Or a breakfasterian? So when I go out to eat with her it has to be at a restaurant that serves breakfast all day.

variety of cooked dishes

Somehow we missed this place on the first go round. Probably, because I was focusing on locating the boats. The shopping plaza housed a not-so-hidden gem called The Sugar Shack. Good luck finding a plain cake donut in the shack or any item under three dollars. The donuts were more costly than they would be in the usual donut shop but I guess it made sense in a touristy area. Nothing about this stay was ordinary. Though I would have wanted more amenities, the cottages give you the chance to really bond with someone without all of the distractions. I would not recommend the cottages for a solo trip unless you plan to pack your entertainment as well.

donuts and bagel display

Travel On……..

Monica J.




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