Nestor’s Kobo 1


beach dawn dusk ocean

Agnes entered Nestor’s chamber after bribing two guards with her berry tarts.

“Feeding the men again, I see. Next time don’t just barge right in,” Nestor scoffed. Nestor had long whitish-gray hair that he often wore in a tight braid. Otherwise he showed no signs of old age unlike Agnes, who possessed a wrinkled face and body. Everyone assumed that his powers kept him young looking. He was a freak of nature who could pass for beautiful.

Agnes placed a large empty plate on a small wooden table. “Oh, my I forgot to save a tart for your tart.”

Nestor’s smirk disappeared. “Not one left for me. You sound like a jealous woman Agnes. Did you come here to confess your love for me after all these decades? Finally the truth.” He danced around the room almost losing his balance.

“You are the same little boy, still playing king of the village,” Agnes replied. “Tell me what are you still doing with miss Hettie, Nestor?”

“Make a guess. I order you to guess. Go ahead.”

Agnes waved her index finger in the air like a guardian would do. “I told you that she is plotting against you. You’ve seen it with your own eyes by now.”

“I am aware. I saw the betrayal in my latest vision. She doesn’t want me gone, just overthrown. Give all control to Grant. You and Grant himself voted against it. I saw the whole thing. I’m not concerned.”

“You are in your fifties, you don’t need this naive untrustworthy girl. ”

“Right. I want her there’s a difference.”

“Just like you wanted to mingle in the Crescent, cliff dive or jump into a pit of snakes. You do not want the right things,” Agnes lectured him. “She is no different than your other pursuits. You are a fool.”

Nestor reached for her hand. “A fool that you obviously need. You really should have come with me to the Crescent. We could have looked for your brother together. ”

Agnes turned her back to him and was momentarily silent.

He turned her around to face him. “You are my greatest protector and I appreciate it. I might not be alive today, if it weren’t for you being in my life. I am grateful. However, you should respect me, for I am the leader of Kobo.”

Agnes squeezed his hand. “Because you accidently killed the last leader and almost everyone else that was already here.”

Nestor walked her towards the door and stared into her eyes. “Please don’t be late to Bristol market this time. Time is gold. Take Sarah with you. She can help you sell the berry tarts there. She’s very persuasive.” He winked.

Agnes retrieved the empty plate. “I feel sorry for you. I’m not always going to be around to save you from yourself, Nestor.”

He patted her left shoulder. “You’ve been saying that for forty years, but look you are still here. Meddling as always in my affairs.”

“This is about Kobo not you. Hettie said that you should pay for your mistake. That’s what she’s telling them when you are not around. She thinks that your powers have diminished.”

“And I think you should be leaving now.” Nestor was growing aggitated by her defiance. He opened the door and motioned for the two guards to escort her out quickly. “I truly enjoy our chats, Agnes.”

“Oh, like wise my superior,” Agnes returned.



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