Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 6 Finale?

“The Earth is the cradle of humanity, but mankind cannot stay in the cradle forever.” – Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

MARS 2059



The times are definitely changing. I’m sorry to hear that your job has been automated. The robots had been slowly taking over in Texas. First they were in the hotels, the restaurants and then the schools. It’s hard to imagine a robot teaching anybody human biology. You might consider buying a robot and uploading a cheap skill to it. My nephew had a robot that could fully wash and dry a flying car within 4 minutes. He was able to make some money that way. I have enjoyed our correspondence. Sadly, I believe a war is about to break out here in the RED STAR COLONY. Big John, Alice, Malcolm and I have gone into hiding in the 18th sector. I am not afraid. I have faith in Big John, the self-proclaimed strongest man of North America, and the weapons that were hidden from Mister Lukas. Hopefully, by the time you get this letter our war will be over. I may not be able to write you again. I will try my best to explain. Of course, this will probably make its way to the nightly news there. The many lies of Space XY1.

“No matter how far we travel pass the limit, someone will try to create life while another will try to destroy it.” Erica, Mars physician

One day, when I was at the makeshift jail visiting Big John, I found out some truth about Mister Lukas. Big John ended up in the pen after he refused to hand over Mister Lukas’ weapons. Terrence insisted that Big John be punished for stealing the packages. Terrence was keeping an eye on the weapons. Erica was doing her rounds at the jail. Mister Lukas had been calling my name but I ignored him. Even behind bars, he was still very alluring and intriguing. Big John was still venting about Alice’s so-called betrayal. Erica shouted something about Mister Lukas not having a pulse. It was fading. I ran over to them. “I don’t feel a heart beat either. How is he still alive?” she asked. I had no idea. Maybe being on Mars had changed our internal programming. Mister Lukas’ eyes blinked repeatedly. “Malcolm needs to plug me in for a while.” So, okay, I had totally fallen for someone’s robot, embarrassing! Big John laughed hysterically until Mister Lukas pulled his own face off in front of Erica and myself. Malcolm, his apparent partner in crime, had been sent to sector 18 after his jail time was up.


“I need to take over this mission and hunt the aliens for Mister Lukas.” He held his face in his hand. It was a weirder sight than the bug that Big John used to save me. “Where is Mister Lukas?” Big John shouted. “Is he here with us?” The robot did not answer. “What aliens?” questioned Erica. “Not the real ones. The ones that the founder created here.” “He is creating aliens? I don’t understand.” Erica began writing down his words. The robot continued,” They drink the water. It’s like poison. Malcolm and I hijack a supply rocket and return to Earth with an alien.  Mister Lukas did not want to come here so he sent me. Gabriella I missed you.” I was so freaked out. I went to talk to Big John. I reminded him of what Terrence said about us being on the menu. The founder and the biologist were creating aliens through the water consumption research project. This wasn’t about us colonizing here anymore, it was about us surviving here. We were apart of an experiment that we did not sign up for. Did we?

monster illustration

When we got to the research facility we immediately saw an armed Terrence. “I tried to warn you. They have been planning this for years. I used to be a computer hacker. I scanned through the founder’s emails looking for bank information. However, I ran across hundreds of emails related to a special Mars project involving man-made aliens. Of course, it sparked my interest.” Big John interrupted his speech. “Alright, that’s all fine and dandy. Mister Lukas is a robot, Malcolm is a kidnapper, the founder is a mad scientist and you are a computer hacker. Fill me in. What are you doing down here with the aliens?”

Terrence swung a metal bat at the glass creating a tiny crack in it. “I’m letting them out. The research is finished now. They are complete. The biologist was here. She ran away.”

Erica yelled frantically. “Are you nuts? Are you trying to kill us? There is at least 50 of those things. Let’s get on the next rocket and get out of here.”

Terrence smiled, “And go where? Neptune or Uranus?”

“Where ever the mail goes,” I added.

“And when is the next supply rocket coming back? Months from now?”

Terrence’s bat hit the glass again. ” Hackers just expose the truth. I’m going to bring down Space XY1.” A hand slipped through the glass. ” Good luck and don’t give the founder any heads up.” He picked up a duffel bag and ran off. I never liked this guy. I knew it. Big John’s face turned bright red. “I hid some weapons at my place. I figure we find out if Malcolm can help us. He had a plan to escape with the robot that you loved.” Not funny, I replied. “We can fight or hide or both until the next rocket comes. I just hope the real aliens don’t decide to crash this party too.”

“I’m going to find the founder. He needs to explain himself. Give us some answers,”Erica left abruptly. We had to pick up Alice. “Nope, the girl got me arrested and her uncle is the reason why we are in this mess. I only trust you,” Big John protested. We all ran from Earth. I wasn’t going anywhere without my best friend even if she was a snitch. How many times did the gang on Saved by the Bell forgive Zack? While Big John was looking for supplies at the post office, I was able to place this letter in a return box.  I will keep your address in my pocket. Apocalypse or not I was going to say goodbye, goodbye to you for now. Big John nagged me. “Gabriella, are you looking for the duct tape or stopping to write a letter? Women I swear.”

Until next time,








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