Stationery Stylist 10

Makeup on a Vase? Why Not? I can call this one “The Vase with the Best Face.”


The vase is a little strange, but I like it. For this stationery set, I used six different paper designs, a drawing and a picture frame. I have a small picture frame collection that I never even thought about using for my stationery. I was going to put them in the mini sacs to be used as gifts for my pen pals. However, I see that I had been creatively blocked because the frame looks great on the notecard. Generally, you can use anything on a notecard as long as it will stick to the paper and fit in the envelope. I used foil paper which you can see in the gold on the notecard. Foil paper is beautiful but makes it difficult to get a good photo. The paper shines in the light and will cause a glare on camera. Surprisingly, the flowers on the bottom left notecard actually match the flowers in the vase. I wonder if the vase will start giving out makeup tips;that would be awesome!

Please leave any thoughts below……………………..



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