Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 5

MARS 2058



I’m sorry it took me longer than usual to write back. I have been doing a lot of meditating and journaling as suggested by the doctor. I sit some days for hours just staring at the Rover wishing I could hitch a ride back to Earth. Go back to my mediocre job and fiance Adam. Live a simple life. I hate living in weakness, but Erica said there would be no easy fix. Perhaps, it bothers me that Alice is coping so well. I wish I had never met the real Mister Lukas.

gray and white robot

It was all so innocent at first. I was delivering his packages against the advice of Big John. He might be dangerous, John voiced. I would arrive to work early, grab Lukas’ mail and assign myself to sector 12. I liked seeing him often. I was borderline obsessed with the beautiful boxes and even more with Lukas. He was the most attractive man I had ever seen in real life. And a powerful one to only be 38 years old. One day, he invited me inside, said it was lonely in sector 12. His shack was way nicer than mine. I think I even saw a toilet. He pulled out a chess board and insisted that I stay and play. He loved strategy games, liked to hunt and acquire things. No, I like to conquer things, he clarified. But, now I’m hunting something bigger, more cosmic, he continued. I naively hoped that he was falling for me. But, I wasn’t cosmic enough. He wanted to hunt aliens and Mars was the best place to do so. I laughed. He stated that I was going to help him score another deal. I didn’t understand. Out of nowhere, Malcolm appeared, pulled my arms back and duct taped me to the chair. He didn’t say a word upon arriving or leaving.

person s playing chess

Why would Lukas hold me hostage to try to take over the billion dollar Mars colony? The founder didn’t care about me. No one did but Big John and Alice. Malcolm quickly returned with Alice. At first I wondered if she was a part of this act. There we were two besties duct taped to chairs discussing Saved by the Bell’s senior year when Jessie and Kelly disappeared for awhile but were conveniently back for the graduation episode. Lukas grew annoyed with our banter and lack of fear. He was gorgeous even as he was conspiring against our civilization. Alice called Malcolm a traitor but he was unfazed by it. The founder apparently didn’t know what to do. Would he just hand over a billion dollar project to someone else? We had been held captive for three days before Big John came to deliver a special snack to the billionaire. Big John said hello to Malcolm. Big John instructed Mister Lukas to open the box to see if he’d like the dessert. Alice and I stayed quiet in the corner where Big John couldn’t see us. Surely, he knew we were missing. Soon after Mister Lukas opened the box he threw it up into the air and ran out of his shack. Pretty boys can’t hang, John snickered.

gold colored longhorn beetle

The bug crawled towards Malcom who tried to step on it multiple times but missed. It hissed and it’s whole body lit up like a carnival with flashing lights. It was more beautiful than Mister Lukas but actually less frightening. Big John unducttaped us. I asked him where did the bug come from. He ignored my question and replied with I told you not to come here by yourself. Terrence, Alan, Demetrius and the founder caught the two chickens and placed them in an underground jail. Sadly, we are stuck with Mister Lukas and Malcolm for the rest of our existence. It’s a one way ticket. I guess we’ve met our first villains.

Write back soon





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