Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 4

MARS 2057


Dear Nikki,

It was great to hear from you again as always. Are you getting microchipped? My cousin said they have started in Texas. It didn’t sound like it was optional from her letter. Are they tracking people or just gathering information? Well, I guess it would be both. Nothing is surprising anymore. I never understood how my thumb print was being used to pay for my groceries.  A lot has happened over the past months here and back home.

doodle comic art sketch
My latest space doodle. Still no aliens yet.

Terrence, the staffing guy, weirded me out. He said that the founder approved my request to leave the mailroom. After I told him that I was okay with staying there, he ranted on about the wasting of paper and handwritten forms. Maybe, he has carpal tunnel syndrome. I don’t know. He said that we obviously thought this mission was all about our whims, hopes and dreams or whatever we wanted. I’m not sure who is the “we” he was speaking of. He warned me that soon enough I would find out why we were truly here on Mars. He said something like you are not the guests you are on the menu. It sounded like a threat to me.

gray box with silver ribbon
A billionaire with extravagant packages filled with contraband. What could go wrong? If I was going to sneak in weapons I would do it with a pretty box.

For months, “do not inspect” packages kept arriving for Mister Lukas. I checked the resident list daily but his name was always missing. The founder visited the post office one day to speak to Alice. He explained to us that Mister Lukas was a wealthy philanthropist who would be joining us very soon. He was in the states handling a billion dollar deal. I love it how the rich say billion so nonchalantly. He made it clear that we will keep Mister Lukas as happy as possible. Meaning do not inspect his packages, though we already did. You can learn plenty about a man from his possessions.

Big John, Malcolm, Alice and I had not been able to deliver supplies to five residents. If it’s a ration of food or something else essential, we have to give it directly to the person and have them sign for it.  But, it’s like they disappeared off of Mars. The four of us being fairly bored decided to search for them around the grounds. The biologist said they are participants of the water consumption research study and had been under observation. This study must last for a long time. She assured us that they were just fine. Everything is going just as planned, states every mad scientist. I surely hope it’s all legit. Terrence seemed pretty sure that we were being deceived here. But by who?

curtain hands indoors light

Wowsers, I’m starting to sound like a worry wart. New experiences generally bring about anxiety.

Write back soon



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