Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 3

MARS 2057

Dear Nikki,

Happy New Year. How was your New York trip? How did you handle the January crowd? I visited New York once when I was a teenager.  The culture there is completely different compared to Texas. I hope the snow is not to bad there in Indiana. We pretty much have one season here “Hot”. Did you get your car fixed yet?


I have been informed that I am not allowed to change my job class. I requested to be transferred into another position. But Terrence dismissed me before I could give him a fake enough reason for why. I have trouble trusting a guy named Terrence anyway. To close of a word to terror. So I’ll explain. A month ago, I was sitting amongst the others at the read-a-long. There are no movies here so we have limited options. It was my turn to read half of a chapter of this novel titled OUT OF THIS WORLD. I always get nervous when it is my turn to read out loud. Soon as I began, Big John grabbed the book from me and announced that our get together was over. He pulled my arm, lifting me from the ground with little effort and said follow me. Sadly, no one tried to help me but Alice, who caught the book. John voiced that it was okay for Alice to come along since she worked in the post office. I reminded John that he didn’t need my help with doing his job. All he has to do is handle the supplies and not handle me. Once we were inside the post office, he showed me a box that had do not inspect written on it. We are supposed to inspect all of the mail, whether it be a box or a letter. It was a large box addressed to a Mister Lukas. I told him to address it with the founder or Malcolm. I don’t trust anyone else he whispered to me. He opened the box. Multiple weapons were jammed inside of it. I thought all of the weapons were already here locked up. Just in case, we meet an enemy of a foreign kind. Why would Mister Lukas need his own weapons? Why did it say do not inspect? Why is there no one on Mars named Mister Lukas? We had a list of residents for our mail delivery. Did the Earth office inspect this package? For some reason, Big John had made his discovery partly my problem. Alice thought we should report this to her uncle right away. She denied knowing anyone by the name of Mister Lukas.


Every time, we have a meeting, we meet in front of Astronaut Jim in the third sector. This place is so bland that you can spot him from two miles away. I had been worried about the doctor reporting me and now about the weapons we uncovered. I thought I was coming here to start a new life. But I didn’t really want to become a postal space detective. Apparently, the biologist thinks it would be a good idea to start trials on the consumption of the water. Yes, the water that has red liquid sprouting from it. I would guess that it would be harmful to us. Why wait till two years in to test the water supply? Three people have signed up so far to participate in the research study.

erupting lava during daytime

I’ve seen enough comic book movies to know how this ends. If you participate in the aqua study your beneficiary back home will get fifty thousand dollars. Right, so they can turn you into some creature that they will eventually have to kill. Let’s see if the scientist drinks that water. It might be a good idea to keep track of those weapons after all. Luckily, no one inspects my mail anymore. Privilege of Inspectors.

Write back soon

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