Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 2

MARS 2056

Dear Nikki,

It is always nice to receive your letter. I love the stationery that you send. Too cute. I am sorry to hear about your car accident. I am glad that you are okay. Flying cars have always been an accident waiting to happen. No clear routes and no traffic lights or speed limits. Everyone just does their own thing until they reach their destination. There are limits to freedom. My car insurance was sky-high. I don’t miss driving at all.  It’s pretty much summer here all year round. But I used to live in Texas so the heat doesn’t bother me so much. I can only be so creative at the moment since all I have is paper and markers. I was able to put in a small request for art supplies, but it would be months before it would arrive, if it is even sent.

I am sending you one of my space doodles. One day this will be worth millions.
So far, I have made one true friend here named Alice. She is the niece of the Space XY1 founder. So I don’t have to wonder why she was chosen for this mission. She helps me sort and deliver the mail from the Mars Interplanetary Post Office. She’s a great companion to have. We spend our free time reminiscing about ancient shows. She didn’t know that Saved by the Bell was a spin-off of Good Morning Miss Bliss.  The show focused more on the teachers than the students. For the past two weeks, I have been helping the doctor Erica take care of Alice. The sky turned red again, which it does often. Alice thought it was a must see event. I told her that a dust storm was coming and to stay inside. I practically sat on her. She pushed me aside and wrapped up her head. When she returned from outside her eyes turned red, she said it was beautiful and she passed out.
clouds daylight heaven natural
Does this look appealing to you? Erica, the doctor, immediately scolded me. I should have stopped her, she lectured me and threatened to report me to the founder. How would they punish me anyway? None of us are allowed back on Earth. Do they have a jail here that I don’t know about?  Am I my sister’s keeper? I have seniority here and had been trained, Erica continued. I hope she wasn’t implying that Alice had skipped space training. Though I wouldn’t be surprised, if she got a golden ticket for the rocket. How would that be safe for any of us? I’m not upset. I need her to get better. Who else can I talk to about Saved by the Bell?
erupting lava during daytime
I hope she doesn’t try to take a dip in the ocean. Yes, there is water here, but it looks a little toxic in some areas. I don’t even want to know what the red liquid is. From time to time, I am practically forced to listen to Big John go on about himself. He swears he was the strongest man on Earth. Tells me he was in the Guinness Book of Records. He lifts all of the packages, equipment and assists with inspecting the supplies. He says he was about to open up his own gym franchise in Idaho, when he felt the “calling” to come to Mars. Sure, I bet he’s running from something or someone.  He’ll probably slip up one day and mention it.

Well, I will talk to you next year. Time for dinner in the food lab.

Write back soon





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