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Greetings Nikki Readers,

This is Monica J. your favorite Travel Blogger.  Nikki asked me to share my new-found love of travel with you. Here are some of my notes from my Berlin trip.  Enjoy! (For entertainment purposes only)

gold colored pineapple scissors clamp decors
Folks, my pineapple addiction has gotten worse. I saw this on a stationery website and immediately added it to my wish list. I’ll be the only girl on the block with her very own gold-plated pineapple. #lifegoals
berlin capital city directions
My friend gave me this map that I needed a magnifying glass to read. But, it’s the thought that counts.

So, this was not a paid assignment at all. My uncle who lives in Berlin was getting married for the third time. No judgement. Honestly, I was surprised to get the phone invite because he and my father had a row, which is the word for argument across the pond. My uncle called to see if I was rsvping or not. For whatever reason, he wanted to stress the fact to me that we were still family. I appreciated the sentiment. I was slightly embarrassed by the fact that I didn’t have the money to go to the wedding. My uncle offered to pay for my airline ticket. Needless to say, I didn’t refuse. Luckily, two of my co-workers were able to cover my shifts on such short notice. I never got the actual invitation in the mail.

apartment bed bedroom chair
I loved the guest room at his house. I was expecting a dull shoebox to sleep in. So I was surprised. Beggars can’t be pickers. The bride’s cousin Linda was sleeping on the living room couch for two nights. I don’t have permission to show their wedding pictures so I will now address Berlin.
greetings berlin germany
I was able to purchase multiple postcards from a convenience store.
metro station people woman
After I had breakfast on Friday with the relatives, my uncle dropped me of at the train station. I was not going to miss the one chance I had to meet my pen pal, Anne. She is a little intimidating in person because she lives such a fabulous existence. She would have to accept my Friday fake fabulousness.
man wearing black waistcoat and white tank tops standing near a mural
I did not expect even part of the wall to look like this. I momentarily had the urge to write Monica J. was here. The East Side Gallery which includes a store is the name given to the artistic wall. This quote on the wall caught my attention. “LEAD ME ON MY DREAMS AMONG DIFFERENT TIME AND SPACE. TO OBSERVE WITH MODESTY THE PURE TRUTH. AND TO REVEAL PRUDENTLY THE MAGIC AND THE MYSTERY.” – VARDA CARMELI   Because of the wedding and reception, I only had a few hours to spend touring Berlin. Time to leave the wall.
brandenburgh gate germany
I had to visit Brandenburg Gate since it is on the list of must see tourist attractions.  In all reality, I wouldn’t call it a gate since it doesn’t appear to block entry. It is located in the center of Berlin. There are four horses, a goddess and a bird that are mounted on top of the restored structure. That’s the best part of the site. The area is large enough for concerts, just people watching, festivals or major speeches.
alexanderplatz architecture berlin blue
The World Clock- Alexanderplatz

Anne was staying at the Park Inn for the weekend in the “Alex”. The Alex is a major transportation hub in Berlin equipped with trains, stores and other tourist attractions. Of course, there had to be a McDonald’s, so we grabbed a bite for dinner.

I felt so blessed after seeing Berlin and Anne. Big thanks to my uncle. Hopefully, there’s more to come.

-Monica J.

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