Stationery Stylist 9

September 1- 30

💌 Virgos (The Starlets) will fall in love with a part then try to become it.

💌 Libra (The Showstoppers) will unapologetically dig through a collection to find perfection.


I’ll share with you a little secret, I was born in September. I see that Leo (The Trendsetters) July-Aug appear to get the most attention in Nikki’s Top Ten, so I wanted to throw some love towards the month of September. However, that doesn’t make me biased.

So, I’m assuming that this person likes to lay their belonging on the floor. I would be careful with putting a white bag or white shirt on the floor. Plus, she has an open mascara wand laying there, this looks a little weird actually. Maybe, she’s going on a trip and is packing her suitcase. I’ll move on.

So, for this stationery set I used 6 different paper designs. Extra points if you can name the six. That is probably why my envelope I made in the upper left corner is so art deco. Love it. I had two choices of warm-ish months left in my paper chest: May or September. The truth is I picked September because it has green on the calendar. May had yellow going across it that didn’t match as well. So, I’m not biased at all, just pretending to be. Lol. I really like this notecard set, I just hope no one steps on her stuff.

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Please leave any thoughts below……………….





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