Stationery Stylist 8

💌 Starry skies over the neighborhood


Well, this was the easiest one to complete so far but took the longest to finish. How come? I started off with a cats of the neighborhood theme. Cats that only appear in the neighborhood at night. The cats were of different shades that did not come out clearly when I took a picture. Plus the black and white did not go well with the colorful cats. It was a mess so I had to scrap a couple of notecards along the way.

The envelope in the upper left corner includes 3 different paper patterns. I usually make a plain envelope but this design experienced many drafts. I actually love how the envelope turned out. I settled on just having to cut out the notecards. The houses can stand on their own creatively so no add-ons were needed.

Please share your thoughts below…………



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