Stationery Stylist 7

☎️ Hello Darling, today is going to be awesome!


It may seem ironic that this stationery has phones on it but hey why not? This is like traveling back into the past to when home phones looked like this. Does anyone still use a home phone line? For this stationery set I used 4 paper patterns and two quotes. In hindsight, I feel as though it didn’t need the today quote.

You will notice that the envelope in the upper left corner does not have a label. If the paper is of a light shade then you can just write the recipient’s address on it. I always want to have a simple and clean-looking envelope, since the notecards will be perfectly chaotic. If you look closely you can see that the phone cords make the shapes of squiggly lines, hearts, flowers, birds and stars. I included a mini craft sac that can be used to send a small gift. Forget the chaos, I really like the neatness and colors of this design set.

Please share your thoughts below………….


  1. These are so cute! Last week I went to the mall & saw these old phones, but they were just the reciver part with the cored & you could attach it to your cellphone 😂

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