Nikki’s Current Obsession

I must confess:

I am not supposed to purchase paper supplies.  I need to use up all that I have already before buying more. When I say paper supplies this includes paper clips, notebooks, folders, binders, bookmarks, dividers, pencils, pouches, tape, notecard sets and stickers. But, I am apparently weak. I spent 10 dollars during the first week of this month on paper supplies. Someone needs to keep track of my spending. I am currently obsessed with products from the Made For Retail line. Each month, new seasonal items hit the shelves for a limited time. Made For Retail sells beach, gardening, kitchen, beauty, phone accessory, household decor, holiday, children oriented activity and exercise products. I mainly just buy the stationery products. They are priced from one to five dollars a piece. The items sell for considerably less than other stationery and accessory brands, so it’s easy to no guilt splurge. However, three dollars here and there can put a dent in your budget in time. Here’s a look at a few of the items that I have purchased from Made For Retail.

Floral and Boss Notes Portfolios
Inside view of Floral Portfolio with Writing Pad
Notecards and Envelopes
Tropical Jungle Clipboard, Paper Clips and Mini Notebook.

Please leave your thoughts below……….


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