Party of One

She has a lot of drinks. Perhaps she’s not alone. Must investigate.

Let’s face it. There have been a few cruel summers. It can be extremely difficult to make new friends once you pass the age of twenty-five. For most of us, our lives revolve around going to work, going to the one stop store and going home. This routine doesn’t allow for much friend finding. Sure you see people at the store and meet people at work but that doesn’t mean you will befriend them or they will want to befriend you. Making friends takes time, which is limited and plenty of effort.  In your adult life, you are lucky if you have four true blue real friends. As the weather gets nicer, you will want to get out of the house more. With everyone having busy schedules, sometimes you will have to go it alone. But, it’s okay. Here’s a list of great things to do by yourself.

  1. Go walking at the park.
  2. Dine at a restaurant.
  3. See a morning movie at the theater.
  4. Ride a bicycle around town.
  5. Go to a yoga class.
  6. Go to the gym.
  7. Take a craft/art class.
  8. Sit and read in a book store.
  9. Hang out at an arcade.
  10. Walk a dog around the block.
  11. Explore a museum during the day.
  12. Write pen pal letters at a coffee house.
  13. Paint a self-portrait.
  14. Take photographs of nature.
  15. Attend a round or two of bingo.
  16. Visit a donut shop/bakery.
  17. Go to a religious establishment.
  18. Sit and use the library’s high-speed internet.
  19. Check into a hotel, remember to check out.
  20. Relax for a while at the beach.


Please share your thoughts below…….


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