Gabriella’s Letters from Mars Part 1

woman standing beside tree
Enjoying Earth’s nature for the last time

Mars 2056

Red Star Colony

Dear Nikki,

Thank you for writing to me. You are the first person to write me. I will keep your letters in my scrapbook. It was one of the few nonessential items that I was able to cram into my bag. I enjoyed hearing about your life in Indiana, U. S. A. If I ever have access to the internet again, I will check out your blog. It sounds interesting.

Well, a little about me…….

flight sky earth space
Preferred Mode of Transportation

I am a 30-year-old inhabitant of the Red Star colony of Mars. I am currently living here with 100 other people. I have been here for a year now. I work for the Mars Interplanetary Post Office. Someone has to sort, inspect the mail and make sure it gets to the right person. Serious stuff, not taught in space cadet school. I used to reside in the lone star state. I had an unfulfilling job, a couple of friends and a crumbling spirit. I read online that Space XY1 was looking for “qualified” individuals to help colonize Mars. I think I was chosen because of my high I.Q. I wanted to wake up every morning and feel deeply inspired. I dreamed of becoming a space maverick who solves crimes, unites alien classes or becomes a celestial queen. I said goodbye to the one, my fiance named Adam. I wasn’t going to give up an adventure of a lifetime to stay and live a normal life with him.

woman wearing gray crew neck shirt printed book on brown wooden surface

I do miss being able to go to the craft store. I loved to create mixed media and 3D art pieces. I would attempt to sell them online at Gabriella’s Gifts. I am in desperate need of some art supplies. Sadly, we have to talk to each other here since there is no entertainment. I have one YA book that I swap out to other people. Your belongings are like gold bars here.

It took me a month to decide if I would join this mission. Somehow, I missed article 11. The part about not being able to ever return back to earth.  I can understand the fear of viruses, microscopic aliens or toxic items being brought back. I think I’d become a millionaire if I touched down on Earth with one of the rocks. I will close for now.

Write back soon



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