Stationery Stylist 5

Desperately Seeking Diamonds


5 paper patterns used:

Diamonds, black & white polka dots, pink & white polka dots, white & black stripes and fashionable ladies

How about Cubic Zirconias? These girls woke up early this Sunday to partake in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. For this stationery set, I wanted to focus on the fashionable girls paper design. I wanted the notecards and envelope to include the two vastly different colors of the girl’s hair. Luckily, the diamond paper is a close enough shade of blue to link it all together. Then I had to find paper that matched with the pink hair color. All I could find in my paper stash was the pink and white polka dot paper. Since there are polka dots on the one skirt, it appears to be destined. However, as we can guess since it’s your own creation you can put any paper patterns together. However, as you create your notecards, stop to honesty access your work  to make sure it is easy on the eyes to you.

I try for a creative but simplified look that makes a statement or tells a story. For example, the 3 notecards efficiently tell a story through the drawings and patterns. In this case, there was no need to dress up the envelope with any embellishments at all. Just make sure you add a label.

Please leave any thoughts below……………………………..


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