Letters to Mars

There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on having an interplanetary pen pal.

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Your letter will take awhile to arrive at the Mars Interplanetary Post Office. You will only be able to send two letters a year if you have one pen pal. Make an outline or list of what topics you want to cover in your letter. In the future, they will surely come up with a faster method of sending mail. The cost of sending mail to Mars is much higher that sending mail to Montana. Look up the cost beforehand so you won’t be surprised. Do not send any candy or lotions etc. Just send paper products, since your mail is going out of the earth’s atmosphere. Do not send any letters that contain conspiracy theories in reference to any of the planets. You may be upset about Pluto being demoted but don’t drag on about it. The colonies of Mars do not have the same privacy laws as we do. A postal inspector will most likely glance at your letter to make sure that you are not an intergalactic rebel of some sort trying to start an uprising on Mars. You do not want to be put on the list.

I hope this was helpful.

Please leave any thoughts below…….





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