How to live in a Soap Opera

Looking for a more thrilling life? Tried of the same old routine? Still looking for your squad? How about diving head first into your favorite soap opera for a day, months, or even years? The characters always seem to be young, passionate, bold, restless, energetic, beautiful and general. Alright, general doesn’t quite fit. You don’t want to be general and let’s try not to end up in the hospital. You can try to just blend in with the others. Perhaps, there are steps to follow……………..

aerial view architecture autumn cars
First of all you need a place to live. Preferably a small city where everyone knows everybody. A city full of secrets and people with shady pasts.
dress fashion friends girls
This is very important in the soap scene-a squad of well dressed family members and/or friends who have your back even after you sabotage the annual bake sale and leave the country with your accountant’s pet tiger.  Hold on. Wait a minute. Who took my balloon? It was Veronica wasn’t it?
white and black floral cap sleeved shirt
Better start shopping now and get rid of those plain Jane clothes.
architect composition data demonstration
You need an awesome fulfilling career or to be born or marry into money or all of the above.
couple walking on city street
Fall in love hard. Have an epic romance with obstacles.


woman wearing white strapless wedding dress
Lastly, get into an ongoing love triangle that lasts for many years even past marriage. Sounds like an interesting life.  P. s. Great for people who love drama. I prefer peace.
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