Monica’s Memories

Hello Nikki Readers,

Here are some of my notes that I can share with you. Hope you enjoy.


white pineapple print printer paper
For some reason, I am obsessed with pineapples. Always have been since it’s my favorite food. You will probably notice them in some of my early work. (LOL)
art contemporary decoration design
Monica's Moments-Toronto Notes
My first official assignment was to explore Toronto, the largest city in Canada for a week and write about the experience. I found the assignment on a freelance jobsite. Since, this was my first try at travel blogging, I emailed my pen pal named Missy who lived in Ottawa to see if she could meet me at the airport. We had been writing back and forth for a year by then so I felt comfortable with meeting her.
arches architectural design architecture blue sky
Nathan Phillips Square

I was able to check out the farmers market on Wednesday. I grabbed a pineapple of course and talked to the locals about nearby attractions. There was a jazz band playing in the park and a free dance festival. If I had been properly dressed I would have tried to partake in a game of tennis.

photo of woman holding chin
It was amazing to meet Missy at the airport. I felt like I already knew her well from her letters. She texted me a photo of herself, so I would know what she looked like. 
high rise buildings photo
The pointy tipped building in the center of the photo is the CN Tower. It is located downtown and is a tourist attraction. It is used as an observation tower for those who are not afraid of heights. It is also a communication hub. You can explore the shops inside of the tower or dine in the high up 360 restaurant.

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