Superpower: Beating Boredom

Window Shopping ?

Even if you are a busy individual, you can still experience long periods of boredom. If you are going through a “fun drought” start immediately exploring ways to grow your mind, your circle and get more out of life. If you wait to long to act on this feeling it will only grow. Let’s list some ideas for beating boredom.

  • Plan your Tuesday on Monday. Have an idea of how you want to spend the next day. Make sure to note that you should have something to look forward to on a weekly if not daily basis.
  • When planning if time permits, make a second set of plans. If you plan to go out with a friend there is always a chance that they will cancel close to the designated time. If you have a plan B ready you will be more able to manage your disappointment.
  • Keep a small book, comic or magazine handy, when you know you will have to wait somewhere for awhile.
  • Realize that you can feel bored amongst others. Try to seek out fun individuals who like to try new interesting activities. Sadly, one uninspired person can drain the fun out of an infinity pool.
  • Allow for some down time. Don’t plan for more than you can handle. Not every quiet moment will lead to boredom. Your mind will benefit from the peaceful instances. There are activities that are low key like yoga, drawing, coloring or meditation that don’t require all the hoopla.
  • Sign up for online classes or for volunteer work. Keeping your mind active with new tasks will lead to new ideas and interactions.
  • Lastly, beware of shopping just because you are bored. If you need to get out and away, take just enough money with you to pass the time and for food. Visit the dollar, craft or thrift store so you are not likely to spend to mend. Consider going to the grocery store to buy essential items, getting a car wash or perusing the library shelves if you can’t think of anything else to do with the time.


Please share your thoughts on beating boredom.



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