You Are Enough!


you are enough text
Everyday Reminder

You are enough.  You are a one of a kind creation that will never have less or more value.  You are enough.  No product made by man can alter your natural given makeup.  You are enough.  No word used by man as a weapon can destroy your immeasurable strength.  You are enough.   No amount of rejection cast upon you will lead you to self -destruct.  You are enough.  No passed down falsehoods will determine your future truth. You are enough.  Your soul shall not be ignored to please or to be loved by others.  You are enough.  No failure or success based upon other people’s beliefs will define you. You are enough.  Other people do not decide for you who you are or have been. You are enough. When you are left behind or forgotten you are never truly alone. You are enough.

If you feel like this reminder is too long, you’ve read enough. ♥♥♥


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√ Seek professional help if needed as needed.






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